Wedding Etiquette…what you should and shouldn’t do

A lovely customer of mine dropped in a book for me the other day. It was a book about wedding etiquette that she had found and thought I may like a read.

The book is full of wedding do and don’ts, from invitation writing and seating plan etiquette to who’s responsibility each purchase is down to.

It got me thinking about how not only etiquette that has changed but the ways weddings have changed drastically even just in recent years, the days of a full traditional wedding with a fruit cake, large dress and possibly low key in the place you grew up. We are seeing a definite rise in the more risky/ controversial wedding dresses (showing a bit more flesh and more sexy), cakes not even being cakes anymore but pork pie cakes or actual blocks of cheese. Venues are now converted barns, woodlands or the rise in far destination weddings.

Personally I had seemingly traditionally wedding with a few modern vibes thrown in. That being said I really love the idea of expressing individuality and who we are rather than because its tradition!

Have you got any do’s or don’ts for any future bride and groom?

Just remember however you get married, make sure it’s the way you want!

Love always


Alice Ada Bridal xxx