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Wedding Fairs and what to know about them…

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With wedding fairs coming around almost every weekend it is time to start getting clued up on them. Most people will only go to a handful of wedding fairs, depending on what packages/suppliers are included with the venue.

Full package venue

Many wedding venues offer what would be best described as a full package wedding. This includes suppliers that are recommended and sometimes the only option that they work with closely. A full package venue typically includes; DJ, Toastmaster, Venue dressing (table cloths, chair covers, centrepieces). A package like this you will only need certain things from a wedding fair, such as; Cars, Entertainment (photobooth), stationary, cakes, floristry and of course suits and wedding dress.

Speak to you venue and see if they have got a wedding fair on. This is great to see the venue dressed and get a better idea of how your wedding day will look.

The approved supplier 

A great deal of wedding venue’s only allow certain suppliers for their venue. I know when I got married at Thornton Manor, they have certain DJ’s, Caterers and pop up bar suppliers. You have to use one of these suppliers, this is mainly to keep the image of the venue, also as they know how each other work, and the standards that are to be upheld. If this is the type of venue you have then it’s great to speak to you venue, as they will traditionally have them all their at the wedding fair so it gives you a better chance to speak to them.

The open book

Some venues offer a blank canvas, this means you don’t get any extras included, it also means you can have whoever you want for whatever part (within reason I’m sure). They typically will have some recommended suppliers, but you don’t have to use one of them. With this in mind, it will be very beneficial to do your research on your favourite suppliers and where they are exhibiting.

Get a great deal

Exhibitors at wedding fairs typically offer deals and discounts. This is a great chance and one that is often missed by just booking. You get to meet your supplier and also get a great deal. This being said, be prepared to pay a deposit on the day. Generally you get the offer is you book on the day, but you will normally have to secure with a deposit.

Don’t be afraid to speak to a supplier

Suppliers aren’t there to bombard you and push you into a sale (not the decent one’s anyway). So don’t be afraid to go speak to them, ask about a discount and if it’s not right for you then there is no obligation. Suppliers are there gathering their own information also, such as what people are looking for and the budget. This helps suppliers going forward to tailor their own packages. So you help them, help you and future brides and grooms.

Book in advance

For wedding fairs it’s a great idea to book ahead. If it is a paying event, then you generally can get cheaper ticket prices. If it is a free event then it’s not as important however, it helps the organisers so they can ensure they have enough material/ gift bags ready.

Our wedding fairs

We will be exhibiting at the following fairs;

17th February- Bolton School with Little White books

3rd March- Rochdale wedding show

9th-10th March- The National Wedding Show at Event City

Have Fun and come say hi if you see us!

Love always

Alice Ada Bridal






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Just Engaged? Congratulations, but now you’ve asked and she said yes is all done where do you start wedding planning? There are no hard or fast rules but here are a few essentials.

1. Budget

The most important part for most brides and grooms is to set a budget. Now just like any budget it can be chopped and changed along the way but try to stay firm, if not your perfect day won’t be so perfect if you are in debt. A perfect essential would be a little planner…a must for any bride and groom. Will help keep track of how much you have allocated for everything and how much you’ve already spent, used wisely a planner is a ultimate wedding tool. Also handy if it’s small and handy as will be great to carry along to all your wedding shopping experiences.

2. Bridal party

One of the most fun parts of just getting engaged and planning is to tell your lucky bridal party they’ve got the job! Choose your Maid of Honour, bridesmaids, best man and ushers. Great to delegate them little tasks to help ease your  load.

3. Venue

The choice that is most likely going to set the scene! When looking keep in mind style and theme and what really suits your personalities. Don’t pick a venue to large or grand if on a small budget as it’s not just the price of the venue, it will cost more to fill with beautiful things! If planning abroad try to use a company in that country, they will know all the little rules/regulations (it can be very different from the UK and differs country to country). Do your research, venue packages can be very varied. Make sure you know what’s included before saying yes! Date, if you have a set date in mind then ask in advance to avoid disappointment or a wasted journey. Venue can be booked up years in advance on popular dates!

4. Photographer/ Videographer

Just as important as venue and just as booked! If you have someone in mind book them early, just like venues they book up well in advance so if you have your heart set on one get them quick! Photographer/ videographers should not be underestimated, the pictures/videos will be the thing most likely looked back on so make sure they are what you want! It can be a tough choice when the dream venue and ideal photographers dates can’t be matched.  Look at all their work and meet with them in advance, if they offer a pre shoot take it…these images will give you a great preview of how you match and their style of what will happen on the day!

5. The dress

Obviously my favourite part! Look online and do your research but make sure you are open to change as what you see online vs. what you love in the shop can be completely different. Get a feel for fabrics and different styles, try as many as you like but don’t over do it! One thing many brides say is they get overwhelmed with all the choice and don’t know what to pick, Bridebrainfuzz! Don’t be afraid to ask the store before hand there price range. Nothing worse then falling for a dress that’s well out of budget! Take your most trusted bridal party members, you will need them! Look at our previous post about dress searching.


That’s for starters…there will be lots of little bits along the way!

As always, make sure you have fun and enjoy the experience, trust me you will miss the planning when it’s done!

Love Always

Alice Ada Bridal