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Win a Wedding…MEN 2019

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We are pleased to be the official Bridal Gown sponsor of the Manchester evening news- Win a wedding competition 2019.

Working with Manchester evening news, we will be supplying the lucky winning bride her wedding dress up to the value of £1300. We will be offering our services along with other fabulous local business. The wedding is set to take place at Best Western Smokies Park Hotel on Saturday 11th January 2020.

For the past couple of months, couples have been collecting tokens out of the MEN- wedding publication, they then submit their entries, where they will be shortlisted and invited to an event on Tuesday the 6th August, where they will announce the winner out of the remaining couples.

We are so excited to be involved and cannot wait to meet the winning couple and help find the Brides dress of her dreams!

For all of those who have entered…Good Luck and we will see you next week!

Love Always

Alice Ada Bridal xx

Follow the link for full package details;

New Designer…..Enzoani

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Enzoani- Beautiful BT19-03

Celebrating becoming a stockists for the fabulous Enzoani…We will be stocking their Beautiful range and that is exactly what it is! We are very excited to have this collection in the boutique and share the amazing designs with you.

The different designs and quality materials used make this designer the perfect choice for any bride.

They will be joining the boutique throughout the next couple of months, so keep your eyes out on our social media (follow/like us if you don’t already) for updates…It may be the one for you!

Instagram- Aliceadabridal

Facebook- @Aliceadabridal

I will keep you updated… see you soon….

Love always

Alice Ada Bridal xx

Wedding Etiquette

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Wedding Etiquette…what you should and shouldn’t do

A lovely customer of mine dropped in a book for me the other day. It was a book about wedding etiquette that she had found and thought I may like a read.

The book is full of wedding do and don’ts, from invitation writing and seating plan etiquette to who’s responsibility each purchase is down to.

It got me thinking about how not only etiquette that has changed but the ways weddings have changed drastically even just in recent years, the days of a full traditional wedding with a fruit cake, large dress and possibly low key in the place you grew up. We are seeing a definite rise in the more risky/ controversial wedding dresses (showing a bit more flesh and more sexy), cakes not even being cakes anymore but pork pie cakes or actual blocks of cheese. Venues are now converted barns, woodlands or the rise in far destination weddings.

Personally I had seemingly traditionally wedding with a few modern vibes thrown in. That being said I really love the idea of expressing individuality and who we are rather than because its tradition!

Have you got any do’s or don’ts for any future bride and groom?

Just remember however you get married, make sure it’s the way you want!

Love always


Alice Ada Bridal xxx

Winter Wedding….Great ideas to keep warm and festive!

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Winter Weddings are fast becoming more sought after then a summer wedding. With the British weather there is no guarantee of sun, if your wedding is in the summer. However being British there is more chance of a winter wonderland!

Winter Wedding Warmers!

Let’s start with the bride…I’m sure every bride will not want to be her something blue on her wedding day. Some top tips on how to stay warm and radiant in that winter glow. A traditional fur stole/shawl is a proven stylish way to keep warm, not only does it say a cosy winter wedding, it is also a gorgeous accessory to have. Not spoiling the view of your dress stick with something short just to keep any exposed areas cosy. If a fur stole isn’t for you, why not have a modern cape. This are fast becoming the must have and a replacement for the veil in many weddings, it won’t keep you as warm but will still keep of the edge and looks beautiful too.

Winter wedding drink station!

Many brides and grooms when putting on a drink after the ceremony opt for champagne, coffee or orange juice. Why not get into the winter festive mood and go for something a little different, a wonderful idea is mulled wine or cider, a festive champagne cocktail (champagne and cranberry is a festive, delicious hit). For the coffee station perhaps try a hot chocolate station instead? Great idea for any little ones attending as you could introduce cream and marshmallows too…..Just stay away from your dress!

Winter Wedding Warmer!

Now for one of the most important parts. Often what the bride and groom debate over for so long, keeping your guests full and happy! If you are going for the traditional meal stick with a classic roast dinner, a meal everyone loves and sure to keep people happy. Many weddings are more relaxed of recent years, giving the option of a sharer meal…a warm winter pie or a lamb hotpot for each table to tuck into and serve themselves. Follow up with a stunning traditional pudding, such as apple and cinnamon pie with warm custard. For your evening meal many venues offer a hog roast, a lovely way to finish the night! Which ever option I’m sure people would be more than satisfied.

Winter wedding palette! 

Many brides worry that they can’t have a vary of colours in winter wedding. Wrong….winter is a glamourous time to get married, the stunning jewel tones are right on trend for 2018/2019. Many brides opting for muted burgundy and bottle green with rose gold tones. These are beautiful ways to incorporate the festive colour with a modern edge. These colours are very complementary to most skin and hair tones also, so winner all round.

Winter wedding favours! 

For the adults a lovely idea is a chocolate liquor…lovely to keep them warm and fuzzy but also great for keeping costs down. For the children how about a gingerbread man and wife? Ginger is a lovely festive treat. You could even go as far as giving your guests a little keepsake tree decoration, this will be lovely for them to hang on their tree each year to remember what a lovely day they had.

Hope whatever you do on your wedding day is the most amazing start to a happy married life!

Love Always Alice Ada Bridal xxx

Wedding dress search…Where do you start?

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It can be an unfamiliar world when you have to start the wedding dress search, there seems to be so many places to go, so many dresses to see but that is exactly rule number one of the dress search! And on that note the search could start with us right here at Alice Ada Bridal in Bury Manchester…

Do not overload, too many wedding dresses can be a headache!

You may feel like you want to visit every bridal shop you can find and try every dress there is available, the problem with that is you just overload your brain and you start overthinking, and before you know it you can’t remember any dress. At Alice Ada Bridal (Bury, Manchester) we advise on keeping your daily visit to just maybe 3 shops and around 5 dresses in each shop. That way you can filter through the top ones and forget the bottom ones this keeping your decision making easy. Take your time in each dress you like to ensure it’s comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to say no, if it’s not the right dress for you!

Many brides are afraid they will offend the sales assistant if they say they don’t like a wedding dress, or accessory but they are just there to help your experience. They want you to be as relaxed and informative as possible so if you don’t like it say! Here at Alice Ada Bridal (Bury, Manchester) we want you to find the dress of your dreams, if you don’t like a dress let us know, it helps steer us in the right direction to help you find the one!

The name, there are so many beautiful wedding dress designers!

Brides look everywhere online, magazines and they focus on a certain designer. It maybe the fabric, the fit or the price point. Whatever it is there is a reason we lean towards them. However, stay from the trap of only looking at them (especially when you start your search).  You may over look the perfect dress. At Alice Ada Bridal we have some wonderful designers- Mikaella Bridal, Lilly and Hayley Paige Occasions, you may be surprised to learn that most brides fall in love with the dress they tried as a “wild card”! That’s possibly because they keep looking at one style/designer and are amazed when something different looks/ feels better! Keep an open mind ladies!

What do I wear when I come to my appointment?

Don’t worry about showing up in mismatched underwear you’re getting married so who cares! We seen brides of all shapes and sizes, in all kinds of underwear so nothing will surprise us so don’t feel self conscious. We would advise to wear a light coloured underwear and preferable if it is seamless especially if you are looking for something fitted. Most wedding dresses have a corset or structure fitted to the bodice, so often there is no need for a bra, however if you don’t feel comfortable without a bra then something strapless and fitted would be best.

Who do I bring along?

It’s your search and your special day so you bring who you want! Just bear in mind that the good old saying “too many cooks…” springs to mind, everyone has an opinion…some are helpful and some just aren’t, so we advise to keep your entourage small and personal. Wedding dresses are personal, not everyone will agree so keep your opinion top priority. Remember you’re the one wearing it!

What ever you decide and where ever you go, just remember one rule………..ENJOY every minute!

Love Alice Ada Bridal xxx