The Story of Alice Ada Bridal

By 15th October 2018 Alice Ada Bridal

It has been a long time coming but finally we are ready to open!

Alice Ada bridal has come from a lot of hard work, graft and a lot of bridal experience!

With my experience in bridal boutiques helping many of brides find their dream dress I went further into the bridal industry into wedding co-ordinating, where I got to help create the actual wedding day and all the fancy extras! 

The boutique is inspired by the soft floral elements of a wedding, we wanted to create somewhere fresh, modern and calming for you and your bridal party to come and enjoy, it’s not just about finding a beautiful dress it is about giving you the experience every bride deserves, no matter the budget or size of the wedding we want to join you on your dress journey! 

My love for everything bridal helped when I recently got married myself.

It is every little girls dream to find the perfect partner and celebrate with family and friends.

My wedding day was everything I wished for and I will always want to do it all over again (still trying to persuade the hubby!)

…and that is exactly what I intend to help create with Alice Ada.

“…And so, the adventure begins”

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